Visit day nears for Lagow

Quarterback Richard Lagow of Plano, Texas committed to UConn back in June after attending a summer camp season. Since that time he has been dealing with his high school season, but now with that complete he will return to UConn for his official visit.
"I'm going this weekend," said Lagow. "I'm just really excited. I'm excited about the game and hanging out with the other recruits."
Part of the excitement of hanging out with the other commitments this weekend is that he has gotten to know a number of them over Facebook.
"I love talking to all of them," said Lagow, who was asked how it feels being the lone representative from Texas. "I've never really thought about that to be honest. I'm sure they will give me some heat for talking funny, but that's about it."
Since his commitment Lagow has also made it a point to better familiarize himself with the UConn coaching staff.
"I talk to them every couple of days," he said. "Talking with them is going great. I'm excited to see them."
For Lagow and his Plano teammates his season recently came to an abrupt end.
"We lost to Dallas Skyline in the first round," he said. "I don't know if you know anything about them, but they are a very good team with a dozen D1 recruits."
Lagow finished his senior season with 1,986 yards passing and eight touchdowns, while also rushing for a dozen more.
"I improved on my decision making, my leadership on the field and deciding when it's time to get out of the pocket and run," he said. "I didn't take nearly as many sacks this year." will check back with Lagow after his visit to see how his return to Storrs went. presents the UCONN team store where you can buy jerseys, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and more to support the Huskies. Just CLICK HERE to start shopping.