Schiano talks about game against UConn

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano holds a weekly call-in radio show and here are some excerpts from Tuesday evening's show. Rutgers (4-2, 2-1 Big East) visits UConn (4-2, 1-1) at 3 p.m. Saturday at Rentschler Field.
The game will be televised by NESN and MSG.
On Rutgers going on the road and being Syracuse last weekend with a business-like attitude
It's something I was really pleased with and I know our whole coaching staff was pleased. Our team has been that way all year, very focused, very business-like. Hopefully we can continue that this week.
We're excited about going up and taking on a big challenge I know it's going to be a really hostile environment in Connecticut. It's a sellout, and that's good stuff.
On coming off a big win last weekend
I don't want to go too far overboard with that stuff. It's awfully hard to win at this level. That's why we have the 24-hour rule. You could feel bad for 24 hours, you could feel good for 24 hours, but after that you have to get back to work because that next Saturday is coming.
We've been able to do that through the good and bad. They're very serious and very focused on what needs to get done. It's business as usual.
On new quarterback Mike Teel's performance against Syracuse
He did a real good job. It was his first time playing an entire football team. There was some really, really big time plays he made and then he made some plays we wish, and I'm sure he wishes, he could take back.
Fortunately for us, they didn't catch them, they dropped a couple that could have been interceptions.
The one thing about Mike, he's never rattled, he's a really cool customer. He kind of took the whole gamut. He had a touchdown pass, he got clobbered that one play. You don't see a huge change in Mike's demeanor. He's kind of even keel.
On defensive injuries for Rutgers
One guy's loss is another guy's opportunity. When you're in competitive sports and team sports, that's something you have to keep in mind all the time.
They are workers. They enjoy playing together. There is a chemistry starting to form on the defense and on the whole football team. But you know how that is, you're only as good as your last episode and we hope to continue that this weekend.
On linebacker Chenry Lewis
Chenry played well. That was probably the most productive SAM game we've had all season. He's a gifted young man. Sometimes you can cover up some mistakes with your ability and Chenry did that at times. And then there were other times we did things perfectly. He's a force.
Our linebacker crew played well overall. That might be the best game at linebacker we played in awhile. What they're doing is just putting it together. Couple plays from this guy, a few from this guy and it is fun to see.
On comparing the UConn and Rutgers programs
I really, and I know when I say these things its just coach-talk, I really don't compare ourselves to Connecticut or any other program. Everybody goes at a different time. When you start racing people you start tending to do things you normally wouldn't do.
The time you give thought to other programs is recruiting. That's really where you deal with it more. As far as our recruiting is going, it's going really well, so I haven't given it much thought at all.
On UConn quarterback Dennis Brown
We know a little more than maybe we would if he had been from another area. We evaluated him as a high school senior. He went to the same high school as Willie Foster and Marcus Daniels.
So much changes when you go to school. To say where he is now to where he was when we evaluated, I can't do that, nor does it matter because he's in a different system and he's surrounded with different people.
He's been in their program. They have a very good offensive football team apart from what he'll bring to the offense. He'll be a bonus because they are one of the best rushing teams in the country.
When you look at what they've done over the past few years running the football, they've just been very, very effective.
As I've told our football team, don't get caught up in that stuff because that's all talk. When you show up to play Saturday they'll have a guy under center who is trying to beat your rear ends and they'll be running the same plays and they'll take their shots down the field. We have to worry about us.
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