Davis already a leader

The Class of 2015 for UConn has quickly come together over the last two months. One of the major catalysts of this group is quarterback Tyler Davis, who has taken a very active approach in the process.
Davis was first asked how everything has gone for him since he committed to UConn back on June 12th.
"It's been awesome since I committed to UConn," said Davis, who is 6-foot-3 and 214 pounds. "I love waking up a Husky, working towards recruiting guys to UConn and also talking to the commits who are my brothers now. We're really close and talk all the time so we're really building a family already."
As already mentioned, Davis has taken an aggressive approach in helping UConn recruit.
"I think it's important to talk to my future teammates," he said. "I want to do everything possible to make UConn the best football team at the end of the day and I'm willing to do anything to make that possible. I think it's really important to build relationships with recruits just like coaches do with recruits. At the end of the day the coaches do a lot, but the players are gonna live together and work together so I feel it's just as important to have relationship with recruits as a commit already. Also it gives other recruits a sense of me and a sense of what UConn football is all about."
Because of this approach, Davis definitely feels closer to many of the other commitments in this class.
"All the commits so far are awesome," he said. "I have a great relationship already with all those guys. There's nothing like talking to those guys every day and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. We're so close already that we're trying to plan a visit up together during august because we're dying to get together, mess around a little and bond to really build the family aspect that we are building right now."
Davis also continues to talk with other recruits who are still undecided.
"I've had great relationships with a lot of players so far," he said. "I talk to all positions, including defensive players like Qaadir Sheppard and other guys on defense but I love talking to the offensive guys. Guys like Elijah Ball, Hergy Mayala, Scottie Washington, Marcus Marshall, Nevone McCrimmon and Jack Bates are guys I love taking to and would love to play with all those guys if it was possible. All those guys are amazing players and I'd love to play with them and win championships together at UConn."
As well as with helping with recruiting, Davis has also made it a point to strengthen his relationship with the UConn coaching staff.
"My relationship with the coaches is still growing after my commitment," he said. "I still talk to the coaches regularly. We talk all the time, just to catch up sometimes and sometimes to let me know on what others guys they're high on. We have a great relationship that is only going to continue to grow."
Davis is also preparing for his senior season, which will kick-off on September 13th against Carey.
"Preparation is in full force right now," he said. "We're working so hard as a team right now and we know something special could happen if we keep working as hard as we are. Our team is 100% focused on this season right now and bring a championship back to Mepham."
Finally, Davis discussed the parts of his game is has been working to improve this off-season.
"I'm working on the littlest things right now in my game, because at the end of the day the little things are the difference between the great ones and the good ones," he said. will continue to stay in touch with Davis to see how his senior season moves along and to see when he returns to UConn for visits. presents the UCONN team store where you can buy jerseys, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and more to support the Huskies. Just CLICK HERE to start shopping.