UConn keeping a close eye on Frazier

During the school's last bye week, the coaching staff hit the road to check on a few prospects. One of these was defensive back Kennedy Frazier of Towson (Md.) Calvert Hall, who is hoping for a UConn offer.
"I have two offers right now from Toledo and Ohio," said Frazier. "I plan on getting plenty more after the season is over."
A few of the schools that he mentioned as possibly offering after his season is complete are UConn, UMass, Boston College, Maryland, West Virginia and Old Dominion.
With UConn stopping by his school in October to check him out in action and showing steady interest, Frazier was asked to share his thoughts on the Huskies.
"They're a great overall school as far as academics and the football program," he said. "I'm just waiting on them to offer me."
So what have the UConn coaches been telling him about a possible offer?
"Well I've heard through my coach that he has been talking to their defensive back's coach and they are supposed to offer me," said Frazier, who has been getting recruited by Coach Perkins.
When it comes to visits, Frazier will take his first to Toledo on the weekend of November 30th, and will look to schedule a couple more once his season is complete.
On the field, Frazier has helped Calvert Hall to a 9-2 season and a berth in the championship game this coming Saturday.
"I have one interception, two fumble recoveries and about 44 tackles on the season," said Frazier. "Overall I know that my football IQ got better. I've been able to think the game better than before." will continue to check in with Frazier to see if a UConn offer comes his way. presents the UCONN team store where you can buy jerseys, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and more to support the Huskies. Just CLICK HERE to start shopping.