Rutherford recaps his visit

Early last week offensive lineman Trey Rutherford made his way to campus to check out the Huskies during a practice. checked back with him to get his thoughts on what he saw and experienced.
"It went great," said Rutherford. "I loved the tempo and behind the scenes look at a practice. I'm really looking forward to being part of the preparation next year."
Rutherford enjoyed watching his future coaching staff in action.
"They certainly emphasize discipline and they want to win," he said. "It was great watching them in action."
After the practice, Rutherford spoke to both Coach DeLeone and Coach Pasqualoni.
"That went well," he said. "Coach DeLeone will come down for a visit well into my football season. We talked about setting up an official visit soon and how they're overall excited for next year."
Rutherford is hoping to return to campus for the Michigan game in a couple of weeks
On the field this fall, despite being happy to be back in Connecticut, he will have to wait a bit to actually get back on the field.
"It feels great to be back, see the coach, the team and brand new turf field," said Rutherford. "Unfortunately, due to my foot injury I cannot yet participate during practice."
Rutherford was asked to give an update on his injury and the timetable for his return.
"It's a lisfranc injury and I'm currently weight bearing in a boot cast," he said. "Depending what the x-rays tell us in mid-September, my foot doctor can give me a timeline and hopefully get the screws out sometime in October. Then I'll catch the latter half of the season." will continue to check in with Rutherford to see how his rehabilitation is going and to see if he makes it back to UConn for a game. presents the UCONN team store where you can buy jerseys, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and more to support the Huskies. Just CLICK HERE to start shopping.